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Ready to Thrive

Introducing Ready to Thrive
At Hyatt, our mission is to provide authentic hospitality. At its core, this means caring deeply for the health and wellbeing of our colleagues, our guests, and our communities.  In support of our mission, Hyatt is excited to launch our new corporate philanthropy program, Ready to Thrive, that will focus on investments in education – one of the four pillars of Hyatt Thrive.   

Why focus on education?
At Hyatt, we believe investing in education is the foundation for creating economic opportunities, building healthier communities and improving lives.  It is estimated that more than 793 million people around the world cannot read or write.¹ As the global population grows, a lack of education creates a real barrier to an individual’s personal and economic advancement leading to a potential shortage of skilled associates, consumers and even guests.

With a focus on education, Ready to Thrive will lend critical support to the existing Hyatt Thrive framework. The program will invest in community organizations and projects that offer a launching point for learning and success, empowering the people in our communities to excel and thrive. It will also provide a strong foundation to ensure the success of Hyatt Thrive’s four pillars - health and wellness, environmental sustainability, economic development and investment, and education and personal advancement.

Within the area of education, Hyatt will primarily focus on LITERACY and CAREER DEVELOPMENT because we understand that reading and writing are fundamental to opening doors for an individual’s opportunity and future success; and that skills training and job exposure are critical to a successful career.

Ready to Thrive is already underway with several investments, including:

More than 60 million primary school-aged children around the world do not have access to education and will likely never learn to read or write.¹ Knowing that reading and writing are fundamental to an individual’s opportunities for future success, Hyatt works with the Pearson Foundation’s We Give Books, as well as Room to Read, two non-profit organizations devoted to improving literacy and education for millions of children worldwide. Earlier this year Hyatt teamed up with both organizations during its Global Month of Community Service to donate 35,000 books across the globe.

Overall, Hyatt has donated 50,000 books to children in need through its work with We Give Books and Room To Read.

Career Development
As an example of Hyatt’s support and care for the communities in which we operate, Hyatt has made a two-year, US$750,000 commitment to career training and development programs in Rio De Janeiro.  Working with Alfasol and Roda Viva, two well-known organizations, our investment will focus on the development and professional training of low income youth who live in the same community where the new Grand Hyatt Rio will be completed in 2015.

This latest investment complements several other Hyatt outreach programs in Brazil including the Formare School, an onsite initiative in Sao Paulo that recruits underprivileged youth from surrounding slums, or “favelas,” and brings them to Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo for a hands-on, year-long training program focused on finance, civics, personal responsibility, and hospitality training. Through the program, hotel associates are trained as volunteers to teach the classes.

Additionally, Hyatt has a long history of working with Youth Career Initiative (YCI), which enables hotels to provide six-month education programs for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The program empowers participants by teaching them life and vocational skills to expand their career choices and improve employability. Hyatt currently hosts YCI students in Sao Paulo, Warsaw, Poland; Amman, Jordan; Mumbai, India and Cancun, Mexico, and these hotels have collectively hired 45 percent of their program’s graduates.