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For Hyatt, philanthropy begins at home – in the neighborhoods and communities we serve. Hyatt has a rich history of giving back to our communities, which is manifested at the local hotel level and through strategic philanthropic investments by our corporate office in Chicago. In 2012, with the generosity of our associates, guests, and owners, and hotels, Hyatt directed over $5.6 million to charitable causes around the world, contributing to positive impacts in local communities.

In addition, our Hyatt Community Grants program allows associates from around the world to nominate local nonprofits to receive grants. Since 2008, associates have directed more than $1.3 million to nonprofits in 103 communities and 34 countries worldwide.

Corporate Philanthropy
In 2013, we launched an exciting, new corporate philanthropy program, Ready to Thrive, which will focus on investments in the area of education – one of the four pillars of Hyatt Thrive.  With a primary focus on literacy and career readiness, Ready to Thrive offers a launching point for individuals to learn and develop the critical skills needed to advance and thrive. Learn More.

Community Grants
In addition to corporate philanthropy, the Hyatt Community Grants program enables our associates around the world to identify and nominate local nonprofits for grant funding. Learn More.

With guidance from our associates, Hyatt also supports local communities through in-kind donations, providing space on our properties for local fundraisers and awarding room stay donations for charitable purposes.